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BSAFE Foundation

There is no denying that many agro-based primary and processed food in Bangladesh are being heavily contaminated by harmful pesticides and other chemicals during production and/or post-harvest processing, storage and transportation phases. Produced food are also being adulterated by range of various harmful chemicals and offered to consumers in unhygienic conditions. There is growing concerns among both the government and citizens and become extremely sensitive to the issue. The Government has enacted laws and constituted regulatory body to regulate and monitor reduction of such practices. However, the adulteration and contamination are still remain across the value chain due to various factors. Likewise, indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizer and application of harmful pesticides are polluting the environment, damaging the soil bio-diversity, killing useful insects, polluting water resources and harming life bellow water, etc. Human health is being compromised and there are incidences of more diseases linked to harmful pesticides, other contaminants and adulterants. This has to stop immediately.

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A Civil Society Organization

BSAFE Foundation has been established in 2009 as a not-for-profit civil society organization to address issues concerning access to safe and nutritious food to overcome barriers and challenges associate to food safety and nutrition and assist the government and policy makers in formulating appropriate policy environments. The Foundation is engaged in agriculture (Crops, Livestock and fisheries) and processed agro-based food sectors for improving the functioning of the value chain of safe and nutritious foods in Bangladesh. BSAFE Foundation terms the value chain as “Farm to Plate” which include farmers, entrepreneurs, agro-processors (for value addition in different forms), small traders, packaging, storage, transportation, wholesaling, retailing, hospitality industry (restaurants and street food vendors), and consumers.

  • To be recognized as one of the champions in promoting safe and nutritious food locally and internationally.

  • Mission
  • Educate people to develop a safe food culture across the value chain “from Farm to Plate”.

  • Goals
  • Promote the availability of safe and nutritious agro-based foods for all.