Governance and Management

BSAFE Foundation is governed under the Societies ACT XXI 1860, registration # 9253/2009. The General Body (GB) is constituted by its members. Governance of BSAFE Foundation is the responsibility of the GB and Executive Committee (EC) as per the Constitution, bylaws and other government rules and regulations. Every 3 (three) years, GB elects an Executive Committee which consists of President, Vice President, General Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and five members to implement policies approved by the GB. President of BSAFE Foundation chairs both GB and EC. Under its Constitutional provision, the BSAFE Foundation carries out its activities through five broad areas. While the GB sets the overall policies and strategic vision, the EC translates those policies into programmes and its management. EC also approves policies for human, physical and financial resources. The roles and responsibilities of the General Body (GB), Executive Committee (EC), and key office bearers are outlined below.The EC is assisted by a panel of Advisors drawn from various areas relevant to the Foundation’s core objectives. Such advisors are expected to be persons recognized in their respective professions.

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Implementation Management

The Implementation and day to day management of BSAFE Foundation’s programmes and activities is done through an Executive Director and a Programme Management Committee (PMC). There is a team of fulltime professionals to work in each of the five areas, led by a Team Leader. The PMC is chaired by Vice President of the Foundation which ensures linkage between the EC and Executive Director (ED) acts as the member-secretary of the PMC. Members of the PMC will be appointed by the Executive Committee in consultation with the Chairperson of PMC and the Executive Director. All recruitment of staff and hiring of consultants are done as per approved HR and procurement of goods and services policies and guidelines approved by the Executive Committee(EC).